Monday, February 21, 2011

Mrs Maryland America Pageant

Awwww, man! What a weekend! I had three appearances in one day, Virginia Beach to Richmond then to Maryland to support my best friend and sister queen, Tenisha Dotstry (All American Miss). Although, I arrived late because of the horrible traffic due to the brush fire in Northern Virginia. Tenisha rocks the stage and received the award for Best Fashion Runway.

I also had the prestige opportunity to meet my new sister queen, Miss District of Columbia Plus America, Nina Taylor and her fantastic mentee, Cinita Mines. We hung out at the Pageant After Party at the Griffins Bar & Grill.

Me and Miss DC Plus America, Nina Taylor

New Mrs Maryland America and Cinita Mines

Did Anyone Say Girls Scout Cookies?

A true queen is prepare for almost anything with a moment notice. Well, on Friday, February 19th I was in Lynnhaven Mall meeting my makeup artist, Carmen Dianne ( and Jennifer, the store manager of Torrid for my upcoming photo. And to my surprise, Girls Scout Troop #529 was in one of the hottest store in the mall, Torrid (, selling Girls Scout Cookies. Woohoo!

I am so excited that the Girls Scout Inc. continue to empower our young women to be great citizens. Just by selling Girls Scout cookies, they are learning important life skills to be great entrepreneurs some day. Way to go!

Meet our next All American Queens!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Three" is the Charm

Miss Norfolk America, Rayna Reid & myself after crowning
 Wow, Three Crowns in One Night. Gotta to Love It.

I had the opportunity to attend the Miss Virginia Beach America, Miss Norfolk America and Miss Tidewater America pageant on February 5th, 2011 held at the Barry Robinson Theater in Virginia Beach, VA. Seventeen beautiful ladies competed for a chance to represent their city at the upcoming Miss Virginia America Pageant held in Ronoake, VA. However, there could only be three(3):
  • Miss Virginia Beach 2011 - Samantha Hardee
  • Miss Norfolk 2011 - Rayna Reid
  • Miss Tidewater 2011 - Katie Pimblett
Congratulations Ladies and Good Luck at Miss Virginia America.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Royalty Revolution..."

BillBro Foundation in association with LadyLike University LLC presents "The Royalty Revolution" Etiquette Bootcamp

I had an opportunity to support my pageant coach and executive director of BillBro Foundation, Sharon B. Parker at her Youth Conference on November 13, 2010. The Royalty Revolution is a practical life skills, image enhancement and etiquette boot camp for male and female preteen, teen and young adults ages 9-21. These cadets are trained to face most social and professional situations by learning practical life skills that will be helpful in school, college and in the workplace. Each session was facilitated by local celebrities and government officials. Rookie cadets will have a half day session and junior and senior cadets will have a full day session with a concert finale. This boot camp provided each cadet with a dog tag badge, lunch, a host of basic and advanced skills training sessions, royal commencement (for junior and senior cadets) and royal explosion concert featuring national recording artists God's Image.

This bootcamp took place at Mt. Lebanon Life Signet Center in Chesapeake, VA. Over 150 kids came to participate in the bootcamp and left with vital social skills to make them successful today. Great Job, Ms. Parker for sowing into our future!

2010 Royalty Revolution Etiquette Bootcamp Graduates and Faciliators

BillBro Foundation is to provides scholarships and support to aspiring and existing college students who have achieved a meritorious standing regardless of race, creed, kind, financial limitations or origin.  It is BillBro’s goal to promote continued education by retaining participants in the scholarship programs throughout their college experience, and by diversifying their scholarship opportunities.  BillBro’s scholarships will be limited to those students who are working full-time towards a bachelor’s degree. 

Ladylike, LLC dba Ladylike & Gentlemen University is a full service image enhancement firm located in the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake, Virginia. Established in July of 1997, our firm has worked with very successful business professionals and firms, pageant winners, professional actresses and musicians and students from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lights, Camera, and....Cheezz!

Its that time again....

Lights, Camera....Smile! That is what went on at my second photo session as the new All American Classic Woman. I had the privilege to be shot by Bryan Myhr of Myhr Photography. I believe Bryan was more excited than I was about the photoshoot. Between Rachelle (Bryan's Wife), Bryan and myself, it was like having an old friend over. We had great chemistry! Bryan is such lighting expert. He took time to adjust the lighting for every shot and boy was it worth! He took over 200+ pictures. Watch out ANTM (LOL). Bryan was so pleased with the shoot, he agreed to be my exclusive photographer! What more could a girl...well, queen could ask for. I can't wait to see the finishing touches on the all of the photos but Bryan has been so gracious to send me 14 photos for preview. Check them out below and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Duty Calls....

After the crowning ceremony, our reigned began - first thing first, PICTURES! After 20 mins. of ceremony pictures, I was off to the dressing room to gather all my things and make it to the beachfront in 15 mins. Whew!!! Did I make it? Absolutely, Not! (lol) I had to gather not only the clothing I competed in but I also had to bring the clothes for the Beachfront photoshoot. OMGoodness! Well, what can you say - A Queen gotta do what a Queen gotta do!

Boy, Was it worth it! Afif & Sarah Cherif from Studioprimetime took some incredible shots. Nine(9) All American Queens posed for single shots, headshots, group shots and marketing materials (Michie Bags & Sunglasses). The photoshoot ended around 1 AM and then we had to be back at the beach for the sunrise shoot at 5:45 AM! Can we say breath taking! Check out the photos below!


The 2011 All American Classic Woman is....

"And The 2011 All American Classic Woman is..." Everything around me went silent, the only thing I can remember is hearing my heart beating. The first runner up (Diana "Dee Dee" Kirk of Florida) and second runner up (Rose McCall of Alabama) had been announced and I was standing next to six(6) deserving women of the title. And for a split second, I began thinking about everything that went on in the previous 24 hours and realize I did all I could have done. I had a fantastic time on stage, I knew I was standing among the best of the best.

And as soon as I was
at peace with the end results - the announcement was made..."And The 2011 All American Classic Woman is....Monica Reagor!" What?! The only thing I could do is jump up and down and say, " Hallelujah!"

What a honor to be crowned the 2011 All American Classic Woman! Coming out on top in one of the fiercest multi-catergory pageant in the US - Oh Yea! (lol). After celebrating a well deserve win, its now time to get down to work. I am looking forward to the upcoming year to continue my efforts in promoting my platform - "The Princess in Me" Promoting Self-Confidence and Inner Beauty along with the support of the All American Pageant System.

I would like to thank my family and my friends for their support and prayers. I also would like to thank the All American Staff and our Director, Melissa Hooks for producing such a great pageant! I am looking forward
to the journey!

--Monica Reagor, 2011 All American Classic Woman

The All American Pageant is celebrating its 15th year in the pageant industry. Offering a variety of divisions, there is sure to be a division perfect for you! We provide a wonderful pageant experience for the beginner, as well as, the veteran contestant.

As an All American contestant, you will compete in interview, runway-fashionwear and
evening gown. Since there is no comparative judging allowed, you are always assured a score which reflects only you and your performance. We are known for having knowledgeable judges with outstanding credentials.Rich in history, the All American pageant system has celebrated the beauty in all women from across the nation. Since America has always been considered the melting pot of the world, the All American Pageant encourages the diversity of our nation and promotes a family atmosphere.

At All American, we believe in offering you the pageant experience of a lifetime. Recognized for our unique beach photo shoots with StudioPrimetime, we now call the Kingston Plantation
in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina our home. Join our family and participate in the pageant of the future....The All American Pageant.